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Why Is It Essential To Read Books?

It is an important thing that you will really be able to read on books of different kinds, as it is one thing that will allow you to actually have the power of your imagination be put into practice. It is an essential thing that you will really be able to read, so that you will be able to see to it that you are essentially getting the best of what reading and doing what is necessary has to offer. It is an important thing that you will be able to really learn how to read as it is one that will allow you to have the much needed imagination that you can ever get and that it will become an energy that will shine brightest. The best writers that have lived through different era are those that are able to change the way many people are looking into what life is and that is what makes reading a truly pleasurable means to really get the most of what life has to offer.

The Benefits of Reading Books are so immense, that if you do not have an avenue where you can practice your imagination, then there will certainly be no chance for you to progression. The great thing about being able to read is that it will give you the chance and the opportunity so that you will really be able to aspire for something else, and that you will see beyond what the obvious is and what the ordinary is really all about. With reading, then you will have the chance to really come to see the world in a new light, in such a way that you will be able to really make the most of what life has to offer to you. It would be so essential that you will ensure that you are going to have the best of Benefits of Reading Books, so that it would be easy for you to really take on the challenge.

Through reading, you can certainly let your imaginations flow and that will enhance the creative aspect of your life. The most important thing that you can ever imagine is that it is important to really experience and be certain that there are really essential things that you must be able to have and hold so that you will get the best of what life has to offer. It is an essential thing that you will read so that you will enjoy the many great things that you will get from it.A Simple Plan For Researching Stories

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Important Things to Look for in a Car Locksmith

There are actually various situations to where it makes it necessary for you to acquire the assistance offered by professional car locksmiths. When you have found out that you have lost your car keys and also have no spare that is available, such kind of professional will be able to help in replacing your lost key. Other issues that your car keys may experience would be where it becomes broken. A professional car key locksmith actually will not just help you to open your car, but they also will be able to help in retracting your broken key and create you new ones for you to continue using your car.

Lockouts are also other common issues which you may face where you have forgotten the keys inside your car. When you are faced with such problem, calling a car key locksmith will still be the best solution where they could opening your locked car and retrieve the keys that were left inside. Whatever car lock situations you may be facing, these professionals will be your best option. Yet, you should never overlook the importance of making sure that you are hiring the right professional for the job which specializes in this field.

When it comes to evaluating a professional car locksmith, you should consider the type of keys that they are capable of handling. Good and reliable car locksmiths needs to be able to offer you with solutions when it comes to your transponder and ignition keys and also make high security car keys. Whatever the kind of problem you are facing with your car keys, you need to choose one that is capable of handling the problems effectively and with quality.

You also should be aware that not all car locksmiths that you could find are capable of replacing keys on different types of car models. This in fact is the reason as to why you must only hire a reliable and one which is able to handle various types of cars and also able to accommodate on the needs of their customers. The more number of vehicle they could tend to, the better it will be for you, which is also why you have to research more about the working background of the professional you hire.

Be sure to never disregard checking on the services to which they could offer you. They need to be able to offer you fast services, especially when you are in an emergency situation where time is of the essence. You likewise need to consider one that will be available anytime that you are in need of their service. Through this, you will be able to get the peace of mind which you really need.
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What Makes Pediatric Dentists Different From Regular Dentists?

One common mistake that patients encounter is recognizing the difference between dentists for adults and pediatric dentists in places like Atlanta and in other locations. Regular dentists are qualified and certified to maintain dental health of many individuals while pediatric dentists in places like Atlanta GA are more leaning towards the child. There are dentists who specialize in children’s oral care and they are certified to promote the dental health of younger patients and provide them with the treatment according to their specific needs.

Educational Differences

Pediatric dentists in places like Atlanta have additional two to three years of dental training and education more than the regular dentists if they take the track towards taking care of the dental health of children in particular. Aside from the training, it also involves residency where the dentist works with children and babies, teenagers and children with special needs.

Pediatric dental care requires dentists to have sufficient experience and knowledge especially in controlling the children’s behavior during their visit that will include treatment such as sedation, oral system development and growth, and cavity prevention. These knowledge and experience will prove necessary for dentists to key in some corrections and preventative treatment to save the child’s dental health for problems along the way.

Taking Care Of The Dental Health Of Children With Special Needs

Children with special needs are different from most of the children in the world. When dentists treat kids with special needs, they should have enough experience to handle their condition so that they can provide optimum care no matter how mentally and physically challenged the children are. Because children with special needs would add fear and have less patience during the dental procedures, it is important that pediatric dentists who will be assigned to treat them have the necessary knowledge to deal with these types of children. Some of the common experiences that dentists might observe from special needs children are deformities and problems with their development, and it is very important to have as much patience dealing with these cases.

Some Types Of Pediatric Treatment For Dental Health

There are children who require special kinds of treatment that needed to be made so they will be no problems in the near future. Some of the factors that the dentist specializing in children should identify are genetics, nutrition and diet, bite assessment, pacifier affects and teeth alignment that will determine the risks why they are suffering from those problems. Pediatric dentists in places like Atlanta GA should know their responsibilities in the cleaning of the child’s teeth, repairing of damages and defects, protecting their cavities, applying fluoride and fixing broken teeth among many other treatments.
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What Has Changed Recently With Doctors?

Why Liposuction Can Be a Great Procedure for You

Probably, you are one of the persons who have discovered that regardless of how you diet and workout, there are still stubborn pockets of fat that don’t get eliminated. Well, such excess deposits of fat are generally result of genetics and they can appear on your knees, chin, thighs, buttocks, hips or the abdomen. Liposuction is one plastic surgery procedure which you can have so that pockets of stubborn fat are removed.

There are now so many people in the US and other countries who are going for liposuction. In order to address a certain case of a patient properly, there are now several liposuction procedures available. All of these things are able to offer great results when performed by experienced and highly trained plastic surgeons.

One kind of liposuction that you can have is the syringe liposuction. This is just normal and the most basic approach to liposuction and this involves inserting a syringe with that attached tube into the targeted area. The syringe would then be withdrawn and this creates a suction that removes fat. Syringe liposuction is very simple and effective and such results in small amount of blood loss and there is nothing to worry about the recovery since it is just very quick.
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Another method is the ultrasonic liposuction. This type of technology uses the sound waves which are passed going through the tube then to the body in order to break fat and make the removal easy. Because the sound waves produce heat which can cause burns, the manufacturers have created salt water irrigation systems which cool the tube while it is being used.
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Also, there is the power-assisted liposuction which makes use of a motor that moves a metal tube within the metal tube. For every forward and backward movement of the hand of the plastic surgeon in the process of liposuction, the patient would receive two or three times of motion of the tube or could be more. For each unit of time, there is more fat removed.

You can also have the laser-assisted liposuction which is a fantastic option and this uses laser fiber. It is believed that this would break up fat cells and could result in more skin shrinkage as compared to the liposuction procedure that doesn’t use laser. In this, there is less swelling and bruising and the recovery is also shorter.

Also, you can have the micro liposuction where the small amounts of fat are removed through using injection-sized needles. This kind of method is best for the chin and the areas of the neck.

Costly results employing a no cost seo offer

If you are a seo firm and you would like to maintain between game enthusiasts, then you need to know in places you get a fantastic seo contract. Anything at all is audio and full proof as the name indicated with everything that you’d want inside a package. The package has relation to use, it offers intercession, routine of repayments, managing point out, time of finalization, time to full, and much more.

This free seo contract download is a sensible way to make the firm attain a number of customers earnings not having the irritation of getting in touch with the purchaser consistently and together sinking and staying away from your cellphone telephone calls. Or advising that there’s nothing happening and you should cause them to become a lot more money or get them far more telephone calls or they will not fork out the comission. Start off getting the clientele to indicator an authorized agreement whatever you imagine the outcome is going to be. After they wouldn’t want to then you certainly can’t drive it however, on the other hand try to see what happens.

Acquire the best final results having a totally free search engine marketing techniques set up and you may will understand that you are making additional money then you helpful to by not giving up several buyers. This is a great principle and causes it to be less complicated a lot less challenging so that emphasizing your search engine marketing techniques purpose is extremely small bad encounter.

Blended Military Retirement System

Under the new “blended” retirement system, military members may be able to save more than the current system; however, it requires action on the service member and an exposure to market risk—both concern me.

The current retirement system allows us to retire at 20 years, and is called a defined benefit retirement system.  If we serve less than 20 years, we get nothing.  The value of the current retirement is abstract.  It is calculated at 50% of base pay, with an extra 2.5% a year, up to 75%.  We can also contribute to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) up to the maximum contribution limit ($17,500 in 2016).  Check out my blog post here where I explain how much a military retirement is worth.  I compare it to a 30-year bond.  Right now, the interest rates (and inflation) are low, making the current value of a military retirement valuable.  When inflation rises, our retirement loses value, or in economic terms, we are exposed to inflation risk.  The main reason for a change is to escape the “all or nothing” scenario, where a military member honorably serves for 1-19 years and 11 months and gets nothing if he or she gets out. 

I also feel that this change is designed to cost costs since the American public sucks at saving money.  The blended retirement system requires action on us, which after nearly 2 decades of helping people with finances, concerns me a lot.  It also pours money into the stock market through the TSP funds, and what government wouldn’t want more control over the financial system right?

For members entering service after 1 Jan 2018, the blended retirement reduces the defined portion of the retirement to 40% at 20 years.  No government system would be complete without the corrupt misguided option of offering us a lump sum payment.  We have the redux under the current retirement system.  A lump sum payment is a way for the government to save money, by not inflation-adjusting the payment.  You’d have to put that lump-sum payment to serious work to ensure you keep up with inflation.  I still haven’t met someone who took the redux and made that $30K earn more than a traditional retirement.

The Department of Defense (DoD) will put 1% of every military member’s paycheck into the TSP.  We will be auto-enrolled into 3% of our pay, which we’ll have to update annually.  The 4%, the 1% DoD and 3% auto-enroll, will be ours, and we keep that portion if we were to separate before 20 years.  A 4% retirement-savings rate is not ideal but at least it will “force” military members to start saving for retirement.  The best part of the blended system is that we’ll finally get a matching TSP contribution.

I refuse to share any graphic created by the DoD that shows a comparison between the two retirement systems because the DoD assumes an unstainable rate of return from the stock market.  While the stock market generally goes up, a good portion of our retirement is now reliant on the bond and stock market.  Additionally, I’ve spent nearly 2 decades trying to get military members to save more for retirement, and it’s not happening quickly.  For this new blended retirement system to be “better”, we must save more and hope for good market returns.

Should you opt-in?  If you know, with all your heart that you’ll be separating before hitting 20 years then yes.  But remember, like nearly everyone I met still serving after 10 years, I was only supposed to be in for 6 years, and now I’ve been in for 16 years.  The current system is still superior thanks to the 50% plus 2.5% each year (versus 40% and 2% each year) and the TSP contributions.

2015 New Year's Resolution Breakdown

2015 was not a great year for my personal finance goals.  Here’s a quick rundown of my 2015 financial resolutions and how I plan to meet them in 2016.

1.       Max out my IRA.

a.      Accomplished.  It’s the first thing I do every year so I have money to invest with.
b.      2016:  This is always my first goal, so I’ll definitely accomplish this.

2.      Save $X in my savings account.
a.      Accomplished.  This is the second thing I do every year now that I have a house, to cover large maintenance expenses.
b.      2016:  This will come second after my IRA, and I have no doubt I’ll accomplish this.  I plan to buy a car in cash this year too, so this near-term goal will be a primary objective.

3.      Save at least $X every paycheck.
a.      Not accomplished.  We had some large expenses this year, and we basically took 3 vacations.  We went back home for two weeks, Vegas in December for two weddings, and my in-laws came to my house for the holidays.  I came close though; just needed one more paycheck in the year.
b.      2016:  I’ve already implemented some routine deductions in expenses throughout the year.  This should help balance some of the larger expenses like car and housing maintenance.  I’m also going to try and publish blog posts more frequently and build some side income.

4.      Increase 2015 passive income (dividend/interest/mutual fund distributions) by 50%.
a.      Not accomplished.  I waited too long in my investing career to focus on passive income from investments—which explains the goal of trying to reach a 50% increase.  There were several factors contributing to me not reaching my goal in 2015.  The first was a reduction in end-of-year mutual fund distributions.  There weren’t a lot of short- and long-term gains with the market dropping this year.  Additionally, some of my dividend stocks gained quickly and I sold the profit.  For example, WWE offered a 5% dividend when I bought it a low of $9, but then it skyrocketed to $18—doubling my money, and I sold it.
b.      2016:  I’m going to put more money into mutual funds during large market drops.  I will also put more money into large dividend payers whose industry isn’t doing well like oil companies and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).  I have a solid chunk of money in bonds, so I’ll need to keep a close eye on the bond market and make sure that I don’t take a huge capital loss by keeping my money in those bond mutual funds just to get a passive income.

5.      Net assets of $X on 31 Dec.
a.      Not accomplished.  I rarely reach my net asset goal, mainly because the percentage increase is always higher than the market average.  I’ve also never measured my progress monthly or quarterly.  I guess I just hoped I would land on the arbitrary amount at the end of year.  The main reason for not meeting my goals this year was the massive loss I took trying to get quick money.  I invested in some speculative, risky, short-term investments and underestimated how quickly I could lose money. 
b.      2016:  I’ll need to split the goal into monthly and quarterly goals and work harder if I’m not meeting those goals.  I won’t make those same risky investments I tried in 2015 either.
I have a feeling that 2016 will be a great year for those prepared and ready to take advantage of it.  What are your 2016 New Year’s goals?

2016 BAH Rates Discussion

The 2016 BAH rates have been announced.  According to the Defense Travel Management Office, BAH rates will increase an average of 3.4%.  The average increase across the whole spectrum is $54 a month.  This continues to slow the growth in compensation in a “fair, responsible, sustainable way.”
As a taxpayer and a budget analyst, it’s a good thing to hear about “slowing the growth of compensation” as defense spending continues to skyrocket without any accountability.  Like all of America, the DoD has an insatiable appetite, unable to reduce any spending.  However, as a service member, and at a time where I feel like I’m working the longest hours, doing more additional duties than ever, and dealing with severe manning issues, hearing about reductions in compensation can be disheartening.  But you may ask, didn’t you just say the 2016 have increased an average of 3.4% or $54 a month?
Yes, the 2015-to-2016 rates have increased; however, in some cases it still doesn’t restore the reductions we took in the 2014-to-2015 rates.  In my zip code (71111 – near Barksdale AFB, LA), and for my pay grade (O3E), the 2016 with-dependent rate is still lower than the 2014 with-dependent rate.  The without-dependent rate is higher.
BAH Year (71111)
With Dependent
Without Dependent
Even though I’ve been grandfathered (a.k.a. individual rate protection) into the 2014 rate, it still represents a reduction to future with-dependent O3Es.  As you can see, without-dependent O3Es will make an additional $9 in 2016 compared to 2014.
Remember BAH costs consider rent and average utilities (electricity, heat, and water/sewer).  We must make sound decisions on where we choose to live off base [post, camp, or station].  As a young E-4, I chose to live in a place which my BAH afforded me.  Many E-4s chose to live above their means and it cost them a significant amount of money.  A bigger house not only costs more in rent/mortgage, but utilities generally tend to increase proportionally as well.
While reductions from 2014 may not be a good thing, I think staying within your means, and/or encouraging your subordinates to do the same, may help offset these “fair and responsible” reductions.

2016 Financial Resolutions

2016 has the potential to offer a great financial revolution.  For the first time, in a very-long time, people are more interested in macro-events regarding their own money.  Many of the political candidates are focusing their campaigns on changing America’s economy.  2015 was one of the biggest years for me helping people with their finances, and I believe 2016 will be a greater financial year.

Unfortunately for me, it looks like I won’t be meeting most of my 2015 financial resolutions.  I took quite a large hit chasing quick money, which had a ripple effect across my other financial goals.  If you’ve never made New Year’s financial resolutions before, then consider these:

1.       I’m going to save $X,XXX in an emergency fund.  Make sure you keep this money in an account that’s not quickly accessible to prevent impulse spending.  I use CapitalOne 360; if you’re interested in setting up a CapitalOne 360 account, please let me know so we can both benefit from referrals.

2.      I’m going to reduce or eliminate X% or $X,XXX of debt.  The most concerning problem in the whole world is the overwhelming debt taken on by middle- and lower-income people.  Without getting into any conspiracies, personal and national debt is THE most critical THREAT our world is facing.

3.      I’m going to save $X,XXX in my retirement fund.  People are being forced to work longer because they failed to prepare for retirement.  In one of my most popular posts, I shared my concerns with my generation not being financially prepared.  Read it here:

4.      If you continually do these things, but still want to improve your finances, consider these:

a.      Max out your credit score for your age
b.      Eliminate ALL bank fees by changing banks
c.      Maximize rewards by getting a different credit card

I really believe 2016 can be a financial revolution for the developed countries.  We must take care of our own finances within our control before we can make fundamental changes against the conspiracy theories.

Guest Post: How For-Profit Colleges Hoodwink the GI Bill

Brittany Thompson has created this graphic discussing how for-profit colleges are targeting the post 9/11 GI Bill funding.  According to the research, for-profit colleges have a lower completion rate.  One of the conclusions, the graphic points out that with every $1 of military funding (GI Bill) the college receives, it can charge up to 9X that in federal and private loans, and grants.  The bottom line I got, is that for-profit colleges are targeting GI bill funding to increase their ability to raise other government funding.  I experienced a lackluster education from my for-profit college.  The one thing this graphic doesn't touch on, is that when these colleges focus on profit, the quality of educated offered decreases.  What are your thoughts?

How For-Profit Colleges Hoodwink the GI Bill